I always wanted to write a story about my life, well at least part of it. I knew it would make a great story...or soap opera, but kids and sports and work and and and. I just never made the time to write. As I got older and my girls grew and left home, I started to rethink the idea of writing again.
A year ago I started. It was a labor of love; this was part of me, part of what I lived through as a child and older, it was a story that is all too common of one. When I decided to write about myself, I knew that Amazon might have an issue with incest so I did my due diligence and contacted them asking all the pertinent questions so I wouldn't run into any issues. I had several people in the industry read my book and they loved it, so after having it edited I sent it into Amazon. Within two weeks it was banned, I tried to find out why but I could never get a straight answer, so I watered down the incest section and submitted again, within forty-eight hours it was banned again. This time I changed if from a father abusing his daughter I put in that it was an adoptive father, and they accepted it.
Although it's not how I had initially written it, I love this book, because as I said before it has me in it. This book will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, one minute you are laughing aloud and the next you are biting your fingernails.
This book is about sexual abuse and how you don't have to be a victim for the rest of your life. It's about helping others know that there are others out her that have gone through what they have. It's about being aware that it isn't always the scary stranger that abuses a child it is often people that they know a family member. I was tired of people sweeping this subject under the rug thinking it will go away. Because it won't. I wrote this book to help me heal, and it has gone a long way in doing that. I have found that I have a love of writing and my fan base is growing. I am now an Amazon international bestseller and strive to achieve more.