SnapComms has developed an out-of-the-box employee communications software solution that supports organizations by enabling them to communicate more effectively with their staff and improve productivity. The solution is easy to use, quick to deploy, scalable to span organizations of all sizes and types, cost-effective and produces results that can be measured. The SnapComms value proposition is that message cut-through in information-overloaded environments is guaranteed… this is achieved by pushing communications directly to employees’ computers and/or mobile devices so they are noticed and acknowledged.  

The products comprise of a range of different tools for use on PCs, MACs, smart phones and tablets, which are grouped into six channels:
1.     Screensavers and wallpaper
2.     Scrolling newsfeeds and ticker bars
3.     Pop-up notifications and alerts
4.     Quiz and survey tools
5.     Internal magazines and newsletters
6.     Blogs and forums

Our software is used by communications, IT, HR, security and other business units across a broad range of organizations worldwide. Our customers include (but are not restricted to) the following industry and service sectors:
•     Contact centers
•     Education
•     Financial Services
•     Government
•     Healthcare
•     Technology companies
•     Telecommunications
•     Utility companies

Our products solve genuine business problems for organizations. Our customers are using the tools in many ways, and the software can be used on its own or to complement other existing systems or communications channels. The reasons our customers give for using the SnapComms software are to:
•     Increase message cut-through
•     Reduce the number of emails sent to employees
•     Improve employee engagement
•     Drive greater awareness and use of company intranets and information portals
•     Target messages to specific audiences, individuals, groups or devices
•     Report on message delivery, readership and user acknowledgement

Our core market is English-speaking businesses of 1,000+ employees.

We derive sustainable competitive advantage through understanding our customers, listening to them and meeting their needs and we deliver value to our customers through providing solutions to proven business problems.

SnapComms is a self-funded business that has grown from small beginnings.  It was established in Auckland, New Zealand and first started trading in 2007. Since then the business has grown and we now have more than 200 customers and resellers (in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and South America), offices in the United States and United Kingdom and a data center in Toronto, Canada.

Our software continues to be developed by our in-house team and SnapComms has demonstrated that New Zealand technology companies can be credible participants in the global market. We have been included in the 2011 and 2012 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific listing of the region’s fastest growing technology companies.