At Snax Emporium our mission is simple, we source truly authentic, high quality products and bring them to our customers for fair prices and with only the best customer service.

The Snax story began with the discovery of Master Café Iced Coffee in Cyprus, it was delicious and refreshing, balanced in sweetness and low in both calories and dairy. We knew instantly this was the type of product that was missing from the UK drinks market and it was then that our mission was born; to find authentic, innovative Food and Beverage products for our UK consumers from across the globe.

The Master Café range is the first of many products that will be hitting the UK shores over the next year, with a variety of other delicious products in the pipeline that can be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Want it but can only buy it in another Country?! Frustrating right? Drop us a mail and maybe we can help.