Sneaky Peaks Flow House is a new exciting entertainment venue pioneering the fusion between surfing, food, beverage, retail, and events. A venue based around the Gold Coast beach culture pre-packaged as a destination that epitomizes the surf lifestyle in the local flavour. At the heart of every Flow House is the FlowRider®, the original sheet wave created by Wave Loch. A Flow House can be indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two. In its simplest form the Flow House showcases the FlowRider as a liquid stage that is as thrilling to watch as it is to ride, but the FlowRider isn’t limited to session riding. You can also enjoy the venue through lessons, competitions, parties and events, or simply as entertainment for the restaurant and retail outlets.

The Gold Coast or Australia for that matter is yet to offer a venue where you can enjoy great food and drinks in a vibrant, exciting setting while watching or participating in an action packed ride which involves skills used for surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, & wakeboarding.

It’s an attraction that brings the beach lifestyle to virtually any location. The combination of The Flow Rider (main Attraction), restaurant/bar, surf shop and events is what will set this establishment away from the rest.

The Company will target groups such as Local Community, Families, Tourists, Corporate Businesses, Schools, Rehabilitation and Non-Profitable Organisations such as disability Groups, charity cases etc.