Introducing SNEED, Space for your every NEED.

We are aggregating spaces available at hotels, business centres, co-working spaces, offices, lounges, cafes, training facilities etc., with the objective of connecting these venues to the customers who are looking out for spaces.

With the world going global, your business needs to be a step ahead at all times. Be it finding a space from where you can work, have meetings, conduct conferences/ seminars, perform training, and take interviews etc. to booking it on a temporary basis anytime, anywhere via our real-time calendar facet.

We ensure coextensive benefits to our space partners in much the same manner as to our customers. Our partners significantly benefits through increased footfall, more market visibility, better calendar management and effective utilisation of the space and amenities.

SNEED is founded by finance professionals with experience in the corporate and consulting domains. The company is headquartered in Bangalore.

Please reach out to us with your comments and suggestions at hello@sneed.in or visit our website www.sneed.in