LaNan Online Stores was started in 2009.  The company's purpose and goal is to create and market websites.  LaNan stands for Larry and Nancy.  Larry and Nancy Chedsey live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and have raised 4 daughters and have 4 grandchildren.  LaNan Online Stores is their dream to produce income during their retirement years so they have the time to spend traveling around the country, take long rides on their Harley, and spend more quality time with their children and grandchildren.

The first website created and published in February 2010 is www.snickelfritzbabystore.com.  This website specializes in baby products that you can personalize and cannot be found in mainstream retail stores. This website does not sell "everyday" clothes and accessories.  It specializes in the unique and memorable gifts and baby products for that special "snickelfritz" in your life.

This has been an exercise in re-inventing ourselves.  Learning the ins and outs of ecommerce has been challening and exciting.  We look forward to the future and the possibilities and opportunities that the internet provide.

harleydude and nanababe of LaNan Onlines Stores, Inc.