Want the Best in Traction Control? GoClaws are a high-tech alternative to chains and cables. They work great, they are easy to install, and they won’t damage your expensive tires, your vehicle, or the road. Available for EMS, Fleet, Utility, Tractor Trailers, Plows (driveway-DOT), Cars, Trucks, SUV, Sports Cars, and more..    

Snow Tires Only When You Need Them
   Why endure the hassle and expense of swapping snow tires twice a year when you need them so rarely? Put our Trax in the trunk and you can strap on the extra traction only when you really need it.

   Mud Tires Only When You Need Them
   Aggressive tires wear-out quickly and why drive around on noisy, expensive mudders all the time? Keep the smooth, quiet street tires on your truck and strap on GoClaws when you want to get back in the woods.

   Easy Installation
   You can easily install a set on two tires in less than five minutes. There is no need to move or jack up the vehicle during installation.

   Install anytime… even when you’re stuck!
   Since there’s no need to move the vehicle, you can install even after you’re already stuck. Do this with chains and you’re calling the tow truck!

   Works in Snow, Mud, or Sand
   The secret to our incredible traction are the patented Pascal-Tech gripping chambers molded right into the Trax. The Pascal-Tech chambers utilize the vehicle’s weight to literally grip show or mud.

   Unlike knobby mud tires, Trax will not clog and lose traction. When the vehicle’s weight is removed, the internal pressure in each Pascal-Tech chamber automatically expels material from the chamber so it’s ready to grip again on the next revolution.

   The unique shape of each Trax segment automatically exerts a continual force onto the face, to keep centered on the tire.

   Easy on your Tires and Wheels
   Unlike steel chains and cables, Trax are soft so they won’t damage your expensive wheels and tires.

   Tough Enough to Drive on Dry Pavement
   Although we do not recommend it, our Advanced Traction System can be driven on dry pavement for a limited time without damaging your vehicle, or the road surface. We’ve tested them for over ten years, and once for 200 miles on dry, hot pavement with very little wear. They even survived 200 miles under a 12,000 lb armored Hummer on partially snow-covered roads!

   No Rust!
   Materials are mostly made of urethane and all of the metal components are either stainless, galvanized, or powder coated for durability. Unlike chains and cables, you won’t have a dirty, rusty pile of metal to deal with.

   Because the materials are made of polyurethane, they’re lighter than metal chains and cables; a real benefit for large commercial vehicles.

   Seven Sizes Fit Most Vehicles
   Due to the revolutionary modular design, it only takes seven sizes to fit everything from Compact cars & light trucks, mid-size passenger cars & trucks up to large SUV's and our large HD series for Fleet Transportation.

   One Year Warranty
   Our products are covered by a one-year limited warranty against material and workmanship defects.

   Advanced Traction System for both, Method and Apparatus are patented (No. 6,308,757)