Snowpass had launched its website myskiticket.com on the 2nd of August 2015. Myskiticket is a portal on the web for winter sports, where ski passes, rental equipment and ski lessons can be purchased online. In this way, the ski and snowboard enthusiasts will be saved from queuing at the sales counter, at the rental shop and at the ski school. These services are offered for the most important ski areas in the Alps: from France to Italy, from Switzerland to Germany, passing through Austria.
Concerning the rental of the ski equipment, Snowpass GmbH reached an agreement with Sport 2000. The partnership provides customers with comprehensive rental service by Sport 2000. Correspondingly, Sport 2000 will collaborate with Snowpass GmbH on rental solutions for ski and snowboard equipment.
“We are proud to partner with Sport 2000,” said Richard Seitz, founder of Snowpass GmbH. “We believe this integration is a perfect fit for customers that need to rent equipment and want to save money.”
How does it work? Rental equipment of Sport 2000 will be booked online through the platform myskiticket.com and picked up in loco. Through this exclusive understanding, Snowpass will be able to offer cheap solutions for rental of the ski/snowboard equipment. Booking from Sport 2000 will mean for the end-customer a price discount of up to 40% of the normal price. Fair and square.
Sport 2000 is spread almost all around Europe. However, for those ski resorts where this is not case, Snowpass GmbH reached an agreement with Skiset (a big ski hire rental shop present in Europe and in North America) and with local ski rental shops.
“Today’s ski holiday’s organization is intricate and ever-changing, making it quite challenging to identify on-going solutions,” said Dominik Cadmus, founder of Snowpass GmbH. "The partnership and integration between Snowpass GmbH and Sport 2000 combines two powerful elements: technology that enables customers to book equipment online with a professional and well-spread sport-company in a meaningful and effective way."

About Snowpass
The Munich-based company snowpass was founded in early 2015 by three passionate skiers. Snowpass is a start-up specialized in the enablement of online sales for ski tickets. The focus lies on true online solutions that allow the customer to avoid queuing. In order to market this idea, the internet platform myskiticket.com was created. More on: www.myskiticket.com and www.snowpass.net.

About Sport 2000
SPORT 2000 rent is specialised in professional ski rental, present in more than 600 ski rental sites all over Europe. SPORT 2000 disposes over the right winter sport equipment for a skier’s needs, wishes and level. The local partner will find the individualized skis or board. Thanks to different quality categories, customers can also choose among different prices.

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