It all started with the Soapie.  The story on the Soapie is simple. Too much soap...too little time! After cleaning up the bathroom time and time again after our many little ones, we realized there must be a solution to the tiny soap pieces that were constantly creating "gook" in the soap holder, and "goo" in the drain. The solution: the Soapie!

What started out as a simple solution turned into a journey. Not on a road, but on a conversation with many others who all agreed. Each one expressed agreement about the ooey, gooey, soap pieces that seem to have thrones in all of our bathrooms. Too cheap to throw away, yet too yuck to touch.

From this one item to fun in the tub with homemade bath bombs the Soapie Shoppe was born.

Soapie Shoppe bath bombs, scrubs, creams, soaps and other Products are all HAND - CRAFTED in
the USA. We take pride in providing work to our fellow Americans by thinking of CREATIVE products
that we know our customers will love!

Our products are not made overseas and shipped to you. Our products never sit on a shelf. Other
than our Soaps, which need cure time, each of our products are made to order each day from our
WORKSHOP, and shipped to you by hard working Americans.

because we are part of the Micro-Manufacturing Movement.

When you buy our products, you may pay a little bit more, but be assured you are doing your part to
FUND the hiring of AMERICAN workers. You are doing your part to INVEST in the FUTURE of a
FAMILY, and best of all, BATHS for you will never be the SAME, because Soapie Shoppe means

Whether it is a Bath Bomb sizzling up your tub, the luxurious lather from your soap, or the
convenience of your Soapie hanging on its hook, Soapie Shoppe takes pride in being UNIQUE and
providing LUXURY FOR LESS!