We know what turns students
OFF to study skills…
We turn them ON to strategic learning!

Our books, audio programs, and classes are for:
Students in middle school, high school, and college who are spending hours on homework and/or having a hard time earning “good grades.”

Parents of students in elementary, middle, and high school who are experiencing homework battles and do not know how to help their child(ren).

Educators of middle school, high school, and college students who are looking for effective ways to help their students achieve long-term success in school and in life.

…The SOAR® System is for anyone who wants to make school and homework easier and be more successful!

Regardless if you are a “straight A” student or struggling to pass your classes, SOAR® provides homework help that will make life easier for you. The system is also an excellent tool for students with ADD or ADHD!

SOAR® strategies are easy to use. Most study skills resources provide lists of strategies that are very time-consuming to do and often difficult to remember. The pieces of the SOAR® program, however, are fast to use, easy to remember, and provide results quickly. This integrated program consists of steps that connect to one another, making the program easy to learn and use.

SOAR® Study Skills is a system that focuses on core, fundamental skills for school success. The strategies and concepts in the program efficiently apply across subject areas so just a few strategies will provide big results.

SOAR® Study Skills is the first program to acknowledge and incorporate the family into a study skills program. Other courses focus solely on the student, but we encourage active participation from all members of the family, which greatly increases the success of our student participants.