Sobha Chemicals
Sobha Chemicals  is  a  leading  manufacturer  and  traders  of household cleaning   products. We  cater  to  the rising  demand  in  the  Soaps  and Detergents industry. We offer the best products to our Customers that offer value for their money. We market under the brand name SUDS. Our product line includes Hand Wash,  Dish Wash, Toilet Cleaners,  Multi purpose  cleaning  solutions  etc. Within  each  group  are  diverse  product  varieties,  devised  with  specific ingredients  which  can  perform broad cleaning functions as well as deliver features  specific  to  that  product.  We  cater  to the needs of Government Departments, Industries, Hotels, Private Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Shops and Houses across the country and also all over the world.

The  company  touts  use  of  “environmentally friendly”  cleaning  products


"We strives hard to Innovate and create the most trusted Brands globally in the household cleaning products arena"


Sobha Chemicals indent to manufacture and market high quality household cleaning products that caters to the customer needs