Social Buzz Club is a premier collaborative content syndication platform where savvy social networkers get the word out for each other so they can drive traffic, increase online sales, and build a positive widely-recognized reputation for themselves, as well as their clients. Have you ever wanted a large group of people tweeting and posting on Facebook about you? The Social Buzz Club is the membership site that allows members to share directly on 5 social networks for each other.

The community members are highly connected social media professionals, business owners, online marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs who share each others’ content to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks and also bookmark (using Digg and StumbleUpon) fellow members’ links. Social Buzz Club is a robust site and innovative social marketing tool which provides members sharing tools and buttons all in one place.

Every time a member shares he/she earns valuable points. The points system is used to ensure that sharing is reciprocated. A member can post his/her content to the community once he/she earns enough points by sharing others’ content.