The Sociale Collection knot bag is a trendy accessory inspired by the Japanese knot bag. Formulating our own vision on what convenience and utility are, we incorporated elements of western fashion and style into this traditional and functional design. Envisioning our customers being liberated in fashion and wearing fashion that they don’t have to “baby sit”; while being free to be social and spread their wings for good causes, is what motivates us!

     The term “Sociale” means “social” in both Dutch and Italian. Sociale Collection recognizes there is more than one definition behind many words. Which segways into the multiple meanings behind our brand. While our products are designed for the social butterfly who yearns to be fashionable yet free; our brand focuses on social causes and giving back. We motivate our employees to strive hard and dedicate their time, and generosity towards a variety of social causes and community efforts. The company itself strives to make high profits and donate 15% of profits to various organizations in need.

     We look forward to one day being able to provide our customers with a greater range of products as well as increasing our donation amount for the ability to give even more to the causes we support. Check back with us soon to learn more about the latest causes Sociale Collection was able to donate to!

Be liberated in style! SOCIALE!