Social Hill is the world's leading product placement company. Last year we generated over 25,000 photos of products with celebrities and had dozens of products on television shows and magazines all over the world.

Social Networking is critical for every brand. Facebook is bigger than all television stations combined. Brand managers hear the stats every day. Publicists know that building a brand is all about building the buzz. This is truer today than in any time in our history. The buzz lives in social networking.

At Social Hill we are constantly interacting with dozens of the world’s leading publicists. We hear what works and what does not work on a daily basis. Our team is on the cutting edge of everything happening in the social networking. While it is true that social networking is based around something as simple as starting topics of conversation, it is actually a very challenging task which requires a tremendous amount of strategy. The social network is huge. It is like walking into a crowd of 750 million people who are already talking and trying to get their attention long enough to have them join your conversation.

Our company can work to subcontract social network management for any brand manager. We can work with major national brands or small startup companies. We offer a wide variety of plans, all of which leverage our extensive knowledge base and use of best practices. Contact us to learn more about our services or click below to learn more about social networking.