Social media is taking over the world and Social Scoot is helping business and individuals make sense of the ever-increasing complications of effectively utilizing social media. Social Scoot is made up of adventurous and fun-loving individuals. Each bringing a quirky and unique sense of humor to the table. We like to think that we take our work more seriously than we take ourselves.

At Social Scoot, we help our clients connect the dots. Whether you already have a social presence or you think a “Tweet” is the sound a small bird makes, we can help! We build strong integrated strategies for our clients and most importantly we help our clients implement those strategies by connecting their brands with the social media buzz. We build strong connections with your existing client base and attract new customers and interest through effective forms of advertising and word of mouth marketing. Our services are utilized by various types of businesses including restaurants, bars, consultants, retail stores, nonprofits, and local businesses. Our primary focus at Social Scoot is to help small entrepreneurial, mom and pop, non-profit, and cause oriented organizations prosper and stand out in a world dominated by antiquated mega corporations. With social media and the expertise of Social Scoot, you can now build the brand you have always wanted and needed even if your budget is not that big.

Social Scoot is located in charming Delray Beach, Florida. A small “Village by the Sea” experiencing a boom in culture, family activities, tourism, and events. Nestled among the action of Atlantic Avenue, you might see one of our signature Social Scoot scooters zip up and down the “Ave”.