Well, we really do a few things.  First we meet with you to find out exactly what your need is in social media and what your goals are.  Then we execute... we build your social channels, publishing all the content on your behalf, posting updates that are most beneficial to your company at the right times, respond to the connections.  We create content the content for you - it’s a more enriching experience on social media.  Then we will monitor your brand on social media to find out exactly who is talking about you or your product.  Finally we measure what we’re doing, the success we are having with it or ROI - return of influence, and how that success aligns your goals.

Most importantly we are CREATIVE!  When you hire our social media marketing firm,  you gain an advantage.  Your network is BIGGER and your fans are LOUDER. Your customers are more involved and the world is more aware of your products, services, brand, and specials.  Since we create the content for you - it's a more enriching experience on social media.   Oh and we cover all aspects of your social marketing such as application design and development, PR and marketing, email newsletter, SEO, and more - we don't outsource anything.  It's all done at "smidgee's" office!  

The next question I'm usually asked is "why do companies hire you?"  Plain and simple most; if not all of our clients, hire us because they either don't have time to do handle their social media marketing or they just don't know what to say that will engage their audience.  If that sounds like you, and you are are interested in help with your social media marketing,  let's chat - being social is who we ar