SocialSource, Inc., a software-technology company, enables relevant and appropriate mobile content crowdsourcing.  Phew!, the first app from SocialSource, provides parent-community approved age-specific YouTube, music, web games and websites. Unlike other options available to parents today, where algorithms produce content for one-size-fits-all kids apps, family-shared devices have the same content settings for all, ineffective block/filter solutions, or “all-on / all-off” websites such as Wikipedia, Phew! gives parents the control to rate content by age, down to each individual video, webpage, game and song, and stores ratings in the cloud.Phew! was created to solve the growing epidemic of children's exposure to inappropriate Internet content. Without intervention, what can easily begin as a simple search for puppy videos can easily expose a child to explicit adult content in as little as three clicks. To fully address the problem for young mobile and tablet users, Phew! has created a means for parents to socially curate Internet content their children can view. With built-in safeguards, the SocialSource platform, which Phew! operates on, ensures content sourced from other parents is continuously and independently reviewed by multiple like-minded parents before a child sees it, producing a trusted online community.

After downloading Phew! onto their iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch devices, parents set up an anonymous personalized profile for their children based on their age, which determines the content that is displayed for each child. Phew!’s simple categorization system enables parents to add new Internet content at any time based on their child’s personal interests. Kids can safely enjoy hours of content in a single, easy-to-navigate home page with 3 real-time content feeds displaying new, trending and their favorite content. If kids don’t find what they’re looking for, their search is routed to a parent portal automatically, notifying the community of parents to approve more content related to the search.

“As parents, we are totally overwhelmed with trying make the Internet safe for our kids. It's the only area of their lives where others have more influence than we do.” said Lee Loughnane, Founder and CEO of SocialSource. “In two clicks from safe content, kids are unexpectedly exposed to inappropriate content. That’s why we created Phew! -- to give kids a personalized, yet safe YouTube and mobile web experience.”