Social Strategi LLC is a Social Media Marketing and Advertising - Agency, Academy and Accelerator!

Our mission is to help Businesses grow through Service, Training and Mentoring.

We help our Clients create a stronger brand on Social Media by leveraging the power of social data listening for brand intelligence, audience intelligence, consumer insights, spotting trends, patterns and performing better market research.

We develop and lead paid search and social advertising campaigns for our B2B and B2C Clients on all leading Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and even Google and create intelligent targeting strategies that lead to a higher ROI with least wasted Ad Spend.

We provide customized workshops for Marketing and Sales teams on using Social Media effectively for ABM Marketing, Social Sales, Social Customer Care and Brand Advocacy.

We work with Startup Accelerators to help Startups leverage and maximize Social Media for an accelerated growth curve through special training programs, workshops, and services.