Socks in a Box is a company that specializes in keeping your sock drawer fresh with new socks.  We have a couple of different methods of service.

1. The first method, the preferred for any sock lover, is the monthly subscription.  Sign up for the monthly subscription and get a fresh pair of socks delivered to your door every month...yes, they will be in a box.

2. The second most common method is the one time purchase of a pair of socks from our website.  Guess what.  They come in a box too!

3. The gift.  You can get that special someone either a gift subscription, or a one time gift pair.  What's the difference between a gift and a one time purchase?  We will do a specialty wrapping on all gift purchases.  

Join us in our sock revolution.  Our goal is to make sure that people aren't wearing socks that are more holy than Sunday morning.  Saving the world, one pair of feet at a time.  Please keep in mind that all pictures are stock pictures and not actual pictures of the pair.