Introducing Spirit of David... a gospel dance club that started in Nigeria in 1997 and has staged 95 shows in over 42 cities around the world. Spirit of David concludes her 20th Anniversary celebrations in Atlanta, GA with the show, "Kaleidoscope" on November 4, 2017.

Kaleidoscope highlights the issues of bullying, homelessness, and developmental disabilities featuring actual persons who have experienced or are experiencing these challenges. Their stories are presented in rich, colorful and powerful dance imagery.

Date: Saturday November 4, 2017
Show times: 4pm and 7pm
Tickets: Sodusa.eventbrite.com
Ticket prices: $20-$100
Discount: 20% off with code SOD20 until Friday Oct 20. Discount is automatically applied with "See offers" button on Facebook page.

Kindly visit:
Instagram: @sodgdc_usa
Twitter: @sodgdc_usa
Or visit www.3dancingmen.com to learn more about Spirit of David.