SOF-TEK is pleased to announce that they are now a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Panel Shop under the UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Certification. SOF-TEK in now open for business as a unique contract manufacturer in the North State, specializing in custom design UL Panels, PCBs, and wire harnesses for electronic assembly.

SOF-TEK is a Redding-based contract manufacturing company that partners with businesses to custom design and assemble everything from UL panels and PCBs to cables and wire harnesses for electronic assembly. They provide complete custom solutions for a company’s production needs, maximizing a company’s production workflow and reducing their overhead cost, time, and inventory.

SOF-TEK maintains quality through implementing the highest standards of craftsmanship and integrity throughout all stages of the design, engineering and manufacturing process. Whether a business has been producing UL panels for years or is just getting started, SOF-TEK’s objective is to become their trusted contract manufacturer through a commitment to honesty and dedication to excellence. “We're a local Redding company doing manufacturing for the global market. The assemblies we build are currently being used by Samsung, Toshiba, Flextronics, and Applied Materials, just to name a few," explains Chief Operating Officer Eric West. "Manufacturing is alive in the North State and we want to bring more opportunities here!"

SOF-TEK works closely with our customers throughout every step of the design and engineering process to build the first article or prototype. Once the prototype is complete, we repeat the build using copy-exact standards following a Zero Defect and 100% On-Time Delivery policy! Finally, our Quality Assurance Program includes a fully functional in-house test of each unit that we build, ensuring that all units built by SOF-TEK leave our facility functioning exactly to our customers' expectations and standards.

For more information about SOF-TEK or our facilities, please visit our website at www.sof-tek.com, or contact us by telephone at 530.242.0527 or by email at sales@sof-tek.com. We are more than willing to spend some time at no charge exploring whether our solutions could be a fit for your company.

SOF-TEK has been an industry leader in implementing specialized manufacturing processes to ensure quality that exceeds our customers' QC requirements since 2004. “Our goal is to provide companies with the opportunity to focus on what they do best by letting us work for them to do what we do best. Just give us one phone call. You won’t regret it!” says Dan Morrow, CEO of SOF-TEK.

Contact Information:
630 Twin View Blvd
Redding, CA 96003
(530) 242-0527