Primarily SOFTLINETEK functions on two different segments:

1.Information Technology

Information Technology:

SoftlineTek is an “A to Z” Software Development Company with cutting edge services, providing customers from throughout the world with high-class and easily extendible internet products. The range of our solutions varies from creating custom website designs to developing business applications of any complexity.

We will help you present your business on the Internet efficiently and develop solutions that will fully match all your business needs or improve your existing system. We have proven ourselves in every area of development with extreme accuracy, delivering technically efficient, reliable and affordable solutions to our clients.

SoftlineTek has successfully executed many projects such as Event Management, Online Examination Tools, Tourism Portals, Social Networking communities, OS commerce and E-shopping projects, including ERP for Stock Management Systems. We have also designed and developed construction, dentistry and lottery sites. Further projects are Web Scraping in java and PHP and Ontology Querying which demonstrates our unique and creative capabilities.

Professional Services:

We offer a range of other professional services to ensure a top class design, development, and accomplishment of every solution.

System Analysts spend time with your team on-site to become skilled at your business practices. Then, our team works with and trains your users on the industry's best practices.

Our Technical Team will assist with the set-up and implementation of your hardware and software. Our staff are skilled to help enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your solution.

Project Managers implement each project in a detailed and timely manner. They act as the primary contact who manages the progress of our projects and work with both our sales team and technical team to ensure the quality of each project.
Consulting services are available for companies who may be evaluating the effectiveness or necessity of implementing a specific solution.

Educational Services:

We encourage a train-the-trainer approach so that our clientele may preserve control of their system and have the ability to make enhancements, so clients will not have to depend on SoftlineTek to sustain their system therefore saving money.
System Administrators are highly encouraged to attend guidance courses offered by our software vendors in addition to system training offered by SoftlineTek.
Custom documentation of your system can be created to detail the specific configurations of your solution.

After a customer goes live with a new system, we provide training to ensure the desired level of confidence, acceptance, and knowledge.

Support Services:

The goal of our support team is complete customer satisfaction.
We know that SoftlineTek every solution is essential to the operation of your organization, and it is our aim to solve any support issue as quickly as possible.  


SoftlineTek Software consulting services is a leading and fast progressing HR outsourcing services. SSCS committed to offering people and people related services with a view to enhance Human Talent in the organizations and hence resulting in overall organizational growth at large.

SoftlineTek Software consulting services offer HR outsourcing services focusing on HR agency, personnel hire, Training, live Project, Recruitment, Resume making etc.