Our product has a wide variety of applications ranging from sports to industrial uses. The SOFTOUCH ™ FINGER SLEEVE product is designed to allow the user to “Wear the Glove Where You Need It”, this is ideal in applications where a glove might hinder such things as mobility and dexterity in manipulating items with the fingertips. For factory and assembly-line workers finger sleeves allow them the dexterity required for the most delicate of tasks while providing finger protection alleviating irritation, sores, blistering and callouses. The need for taping of fingers as a form of finger protection is no longer required. The diversity of applications for our product is expanding on a regular basis, currently with the industrial finger sleeves users range from Bartenders to Mechanics and Tower Climbing personnel. We have had feedback from workers who had previously injured their fingers in some fashion which was not properly healing, after wearing finger sleeves for a short time providing protection for the injured area while allowing it to breathe the recovery period was greatly accelerated.
 Our product uses the finest quality of Nappa leather which is extremely soft yet durable (0.6 – 0.8mm) with a smooth finish and suede interior for the palm side of the finger sleeve. For the top of the finger sleeve we use a wick away eight way stretch material allowing the finger to breathe while maintaining a snug comfortable fit. This material can be dyed to any custom color which might fit your needs for branding purposes. Custom orders of materials are available upon request; feel free to contact us with your applications and needs.
 Our SOFTOUCH ™ GOLF & SPORTS FINGER SLEEVES are designed for the player to wear on the trailing hand, where a second glove is too much. The GOLF & SPORTS FINGER SLEEVE line comes in “Long Sleeves” and “Short Sleeves” allowing the user to wear just enough glove where it's required. SOFTOUCH ™ FINGER SLEEVES can be utilized in a variety of sporting activities involving gripping and friction. For any actions which might result in finger irritation, blistering, callouses and sores. Our product is designed to allow the user to have extra finger protection wherever they personally need it.
 Custom colors and branding is available on any bulk purchases ranging from logos, company names, teams, event titles, golf courses to novelty graphics. For more information on this please feel free to contact us.