PC software prices are ridiculous. In a time when iPhone apps sell for $1, Adobe Photoshop still sells for $699. That’s more than most PCs cost now!

The problem with many software packages is that they force you to pay for hundreds of features you’ll never use. At Software Pantry, we’re fixing this problem.

All the software you’ll find at SoftwarePantry is free. It falls into two categories: “open-source” and “freemium.”

Open Source
This software has been made by software engineers who have donated their time to help make amazing software that is completely free. The software has been legally protected to be free for anyone, forever.

This means that the software is free, but premium versions or services are also available at a price. These have been developed by companies that are happy to give it away with the hope that 5-10% of people will pay for the premium materials.

If you need specialized features, we offer a vast collection of add-ons to make all this software work even better. The key is that you should only pay for what you need.
Our templates will help you make professional documents. Our plugins will automatically do advanced photo editing for you. The list goes on an on.