SecuTech Solutions Inc. is a company specializing in software license management business systems focusing on the international market with their class leading UniKey product range. Having an extensive and in-depth range of experience within the Software Management Licensing market, SecuTech has drawn upon this experience to utilize today's cutting-edge technologies to introduce a COMPLETE and affordable solution for today's software vendor markets worldwide.

The SecuTech Software License Management System is a combination of Hardware Key and Software. With increasing concerns of software piracy and license distribution, SecuTech has dedicated itself in developing the best Software License Management Systems in the market today. In working in close collaboration with software developers, software distributors and in using its extensive range of commercial software experience, SecuTech has developed the UniKey range of products to meet the ever increasing and demanding array of requests from its customers globally.

SecuTech provides multiple solutions for software copy protection, software license control, data encryption, media protection, document protection, and customizing software according to customers request.


SecuTech is dedicated to be the best provider of security services and solutions used to protect digital rights, providing the most innovative and secure solutions. Its reputation is built upon a comprehensive line of products satisfying the security needs for software vendors, system integrators, government and officials.

Company Dedication

SecuTech offers superior products & services and creates solutions tailored specifically for each customer's unique needs.
SecuTech fulfils the personal and professional aspirations of our people.
Through the mutually beneficial relationships that are based on the achievement of common goals, SecuTech nurtures the shared sense of beginning and growing together.
Through the profits derived from the community, SecuTech strives to return our economic, social and intellectual contributions in full value.

Corporate Culture

We fully embrace people and idea from all around the world. We operate with honesty and integrity. We have an environment of open communications. Reliability is a key attribute. We believe that customers should be able to count on us, as we count on one another. Building on these principles allows us to perform well as a team, achieving execution of the company’s business objectives.

Customer Dedication

SecuTech maintains outstanding levels of support and customer satisfaction through self help and assisted-help resources.

Self Help -- While we pride ourselves on fast and accurate responses to customer questions and problems, SecuTech provides an array of resources to enable you to find answers and resolve problems on your own, without having to contact Technical Support.

Assisted Help -- SecuTech provides real-time support when you are unable to address a problem successfully on your own or have a question that is not answered through Self-Help resources.

Migration -- All currently existing dongle customers will get fully Support of migration to SecuTech’s product range. You can now take advantage of all of the features of Premier Support at no additional charge. Best of all, you don't have to do anything to begin to utilize all of the benefits of SecuTech's Premier Support.

Tailored for new users -- SecuTech also offers value-added, premier integration services to completely new users. SecuTech can tailor integration projects to fit client needs.

Customization -- SecuTech provides the opportunities and facilities to make your own hardware key and software, as well as providing the facilities for OEM casing and labeling.

Support Dedication

Ø 24x7 access to the SecuTech Support Team

Ø No charge for return to the factory and repair of hardware products

Ø Within 24 hours lead time for 200 units under

Ø Life time warranty for hardware.

Manufacture Dedication

SecuTech is committed to:
A total quality management philosophy based on the international standards.
Providing competitive, error free products and services on time, by adopting a process-based model for continuous improvement of the quality management system
Maintaining product integrity and compliance with regulatory requirements
Exceeding the expectations of our customers, and so
Achieving total customer satisfaction.
We operate a highly comprehensive product test and verification system throughout our manufacturing processes, including in-depth performance assessment and assurance across our diverse product range.