Sol Inc. is the world leader in high efficiency lighting solutions since 1990. While we have established ourselves as #1 in Solar Lighting, our technology and know-how enables us to provide high quality on-grid lighting as well. We have over 50,000 systems installed in more than 60 countries.  Sol’s commitment to on and off-grid lighting is built on innovative products, quality systems, and the strongest support and design team. Our innovative and cost-effective lighting systems provide unsurpassed levels of illumination and reliability. With a U.S. based facility and a solid presence on over 200 U.S. Federal sites Sol is a proven and trusted leader.  Our systems meet the Buy America Act and are assembled, tested, and easy to install for applications including: parking lots, pathways, parks, trails, roadways, boat launches, campus areas, perimeter security, signs, billboards, transit, shelters, evacuation-collection areas and other remote applications. Our solutions allow us to lead the industry in patented technology, support, service, an extremely high returning customer rate. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification indicates our commitment superior design, manufacturing, and customer satisfaction.