American Light Works is a veteran owned high-tech, green-tech firm; we design, develop, assemble, market and sell sun-powered consumer devices worldwide.

We have a strong humanitarian and social focus, establishing and operating programs which fund and deliver our products to the developing world, whose populations are most transformed by our products. We make the best. And we deliver the best. Full impact. Full accountability.

What would be the result if a company focused all it’s efforts on revolutionizing the flashlight industry?

What if a company refused to accept that just under than a third of the planet – close to TWO billion people live off the conventional electrical grid and their options are expensive and harmful – kerosene is toxic, starts fires, emissions cause cancer and conventional battery flashlights are even more expensive and unreliable.

We sell disruptive technology products. We design and we manufacture the absolutely best portable lighting devices possible to produce; the best lighting devices ever made since mankind first used fire for illumination against the darkness.

We state this with confidence because we first selected and designed the very best ergonomic friendly form, with a great deal of information from our consumer base. Then we sourced the most reliable and the highest quality of components.

Hand assembled in the USA with exacting precision and total care, a whole difference in lighting experience, built in the USA, powered cleanly and effortlessly by the sun and we make them for you.

Veteran Owned and Based in Virginia
Our green tech, clean tech, high tech disruptive technology company is based in Northern Virginia, is veteran owned and it is almost completely veteran operated. And the more products we sell, the more veterans we will hire and we will take care of each other.