The Solar Valuation Report is a Full Appraisal of a Homeowners or a Company’s PV Solar Array or Facility. The Report is designed to help purchasers, owners, lenders, investors, municipalities,etc. better understand the REAL valuation of an existing or proposed solar array. It is fully customized according to each unique system using all available valuation methods to the marketplace. It is available all over the world and is priced according to system size and type. The Solar Valuation Report provides a real appraised value of a solar system using all three methods of appraisal which are cost approach, income approach and the market approach.

What Information The Solar Valuation Report Provides:

-Current Market Value of Solar System
-Total Value Of Electricity Produced By Year Over Expected Lifetime Of System
-Total Federal, State and Local Tax Incentives System Is Qualified To Use
-Realistically How System Will Perform In Any Weather Climate
-Present Value of Future Energy Produced
-Future Value Of All Energy Produced
-How Long It Will Take For System To Pay For Itself
-Real Estate Buyers Who Want A True Valuation On A Solar System
-And much more…