SolarFlex Technologies specializes in the Analysis, Design, Construction, and
Maintenance of Commercial, Government, & Military Solar Systems.

Our business is helping commercial, public sector and non-profit organizations control costs, save energy, create a comprehensive energy strategy, and achieve an excellent return on investment.

In short, we provide solar energy solutions to organizations which can benefit both environmentally and financially from the power of the sun.

We offer all of our solar customers the following services:

   Solar Installation on any Roofing System
   Solar Water Heat (Solar Thermal) Systems
   Solar Planning
   Project Finance/Leasing Options for Solar Systems
   On-Going Solar Monitoring
   Solar System Maintenance
   Return on Investment Strategy
   RRA Stimulus Energy Planning & Compliance

Every SolarFlex Technologies system is customized to best fit the needs of each customer and we guarantee the highest level of service.

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Website: http://solarflexgreen.com
YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/solarflextech