Solar Systems Unlimited is one of the leading Solar Energy Company located in the South East, United States. We align ourselves with our customers as partners to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives in the Solar Energy Industry. We have developed a reputation as a premier vendor, especially in the area of energy cost savings.

Our firm provides six key services in the solar energy industry to meet your needs.

•We provide specialized services and consulting to help our clients achieve their energy goals.  Initial consultation is free.

•Site evaluation-Roof and property orientation in order to determine if your home, business or property is a candidate for solar power system.

•Cost analysis-Analysis of your current energy usage in order to determine the appropriate size of a solar system that will eliminate entire bill.  

•ROI analysis-With generous state rebates/incentives, federal tax credits and five-year accelerated depreciation credits, ROI can be realized in as little as five years.

•Permitting and Tax Credit Application-SSU will help you complete all the paperwork, and handle the permitting and tax credit application processes.

•Installation-Manage the entire installation project from start to finish.

•Online Monitoring-Web-based optional real time monitoring of your system’s performance.

Incentive, Rebates, and Tax Credits
To encourage their citizens to go solar, a growing number of states offer solar power incentives, usually in the form of solar rebates or tax credits. The amount of the solar rebate varies from state to state, but in all cases it will cover a significant portion of your solar system installation cost. In most cases, SSU Solar will credit you for the rebate up front. This means you pay only the net cost and let us wait for reimbursement from the state.

In addition, the US government currently offers residential solar system owners a one-time federal tax credit, capped at 30% after the first year of operation. Commercial solar system owners also receive a 30% federal tax credit after the first year.

A great resource for getting comprehensive details on your state’s incentive programs for both renewable energy and energy efficiency, plus any available local and utility incentives, is the DSIRE website – the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.  http://www.dsireusa.org.  Please note that some areas may qualify for additional incentives through local municipal utilities.

Full energy efficiency audit of your home or office
Energy efficient window replacement and installation
Conversion of gas heating system to heat pump
Deck and fence replacement with environmentally friendly composite materials