Solid Mastermind is an on-line community that delivers the very best online self-paced training and support solution for Solid Edge whilst also providing Solid Edge utilities and an information resource and community framework for Solid Edge users to interact, share knowledge, experiences and ideas.

Solid Mastermind is invaluable for everyone who is either:
   * Using the free Solid Edge 2D Drafting product.
   * Evaluating Solid Edge.
   * Already a Solid Edge professional owning and using the product.

This applies for a corporation, an individual, or anywhere in between.

Solid Mastermind is THE community for Solid Edge professionals.

Solid Mastermind has been developed by the team at Ingenea from their experience gained with Solid Edge since it was first released in 1996. They have conducted hundreds of training courses and answered probably thousands of support questions covering both technical and commercial issues. They have helped companies evaluate Solid Edge, justify the purchase, install, implement and upgrade. Ultimately helping companies make a return on their investment and profit in many ways from using Solid Edge.

The Solid Mastermind community helps members become more profitable, effective, efficient and productive. Features inside Solid Mastermind include:

Training – A Structured “Learn At Your Own Pace” Curriculum

Solid Edge is nowhere near as powerful as it can be without great training to show you how to actually use the tool successfully.

With the demands of the current economic environment, it’s not always practical to attend live training and some training courses are actually BETTER when they are pre-structured and pre-recorded.

Solid Mastermind’s streaming video training sessions can be viewed at any time to suit your situation and can be replayed time and time again. Each video is enhanced by a downloadable goal sheet and in many cases sample files to be used in the tutorials and assignments. Quizzes test knowledge at the end of each session to ensure that the content has been understood.

This is core to the Solid Mastermind “Look, See, Do” training philosophy which has proven to be the most effective method of learning.

Process Maps

A confused mind takes no action.

To overcome that obstacle a sequence of proven steps is required ideally a check list that has been developed from the experience of others.

Process Maps are the blueprint for Solid Edge. Using interactive graphical mind maps they detail the best practice and systemise the use of Solid Edge.

Best Practices

There are many ways to achieve a task or to get to an end result. There are no right or wrong ways providing the goal is accomplished. However the path or process followed should be achieved with the least effort and minimise any errors. It should also ensure that any Solid Edge installation is not compromised and is correctly configured, and optimised.

The best practices cover a range of topics to achieve this.

Product Reviews

The Solid Mastermind Product Reviews focus on products useful to members of the Solid Mastermind community.

There is an overview of each product and reviews. But these aren’t just ANY reviews, these are reviews and product ratings from fellow members of the Solid Mastermind community.

Questions & Answers Solutions Vault

Inside the Solutions Vault answers to hundreds of previously asked questions from Solid Edge professionals can be found.

Members can anonymously ask as many questions as required. Answers to common questions or challenges are probably already inside the Solutions Vault.

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain the solution to a technical challenge without the assistance of a visual aid. Where appropriate the answers are enhanced by instructional audio, screen capture video, and downloadable files. A true multimedia experience.

Wish List

The Solid Mastermind Wish List system allows members to propose and vote on a multitude of issues, it gives every member a voice.

The unique voting system pushes the best and most popular items to the surface and through the combined power of the community drives the direction of Solid Mastermind.
Mastermind Polls and Surveys

The opinions of Solid Edge professionals matter. Polls and surveys are used to “take the temperature” of members opinions on a multitude of topics. All members are able to participate in and see the results of any polls within Solid Mastermind.

Solid Mastermind Tools

Solid Edge is a fantastic tool that is only enhanced by utilities that provide additional functionality or automate frequently performed tasks within Solid Edge.

Solid Mastermind includes a suite of time saving tools and utilities to enhance Solid Edge.

Members can access these as part of their subscription providing a massive saving compared to their normal purchase cost.