Finding a professional photographer who will see your project through to completion is hard to find. Most photographers either do not have the proper equipment, or lack the passion to properly capture your vision. You should only trust your most special moments to a photographer with both the gear and the eye. I work only with the best equipment, all selected over years of experience. The quality of the gear I use allows me to capture your thoughts with minute customizations to your specifications. I also organize your photos digitally on a CD, as a slideshow, or with Photo Books.

Graphic Design
Graphic designers have quite a vague job description, making it hard for you to get the proper professional you need to complete your projects. Over years of experience with many types of projects, I have developed a skill set and customizable templates which will bring your project to full fruition. I can customize the most minute details to your exact specifications. I also print promotional materials to help advertise your project or business: business cards, flyers, and posters. Prepayment is required, and Paypal is accepted. Please check your spelling before sending me your examples, as there will be no refunds.

Website Design
A professional web site is the first impression that potential clients will have of your business. With the amount of advertising clutter and unprofessional sites, it is important to have an easy to navigate, professional web site. My web design is customized to your exact needs, with affordable pricing. Currently I have a special of $250 for a basic HTML site.