SOM Biotech is a drug reprofiling company established at the Barcelona Science Park. Our mission is to provide worldwide re-positioned drug access through a profitable private company by focusing in the discovery, intellectual protection, clinical validation and licensing of already available drugs for their development and commercial use in unknown indications.

Our vision as a drug reprofiling company is to improve patient healthcare by offering new therapies within a shorter period of time, speeding up the process of clinical development. For that, SOM owns a ligand-based virtual screening technology able to identify new drug activities maximizing the value of drugs in the market.

Our company values include engagement to the highest quality research and development team driven process, successful partnerships and a great commitment to our shareholders, employees and society.

SOM started its activities at the end of 2009 with a consistent development program with special interest in rare diseases (see pipeline). The aim of SOM is to perform 25 projects and file at least 6 patents per year, concluding in licensing agreements with big pharma players for drugs which are ready for clinical Phase III programs.