SOMNIUMĀ® Technologies is a leading supplier of embedded software tools.

SOMNIUMĀ® DRT is unique. It is the only product on the market offering a seamless upgrade path from entry level tools to a professional, fully supported environment with highly optimized code generation using SOMNIUM's patented resequencing technology.

DRT is fully compatible with industry standards, providing a familiar environment, with no source code changes required. Using DRT will help you:

- Save money - reduce BOM costs and development time
- Save memory - "do more with less" and use lower cost devices
- Save energy and increase performance - new product opportunities

Benchmarks show
- Performance increases of over 15%
- Energy consumption reductions of up to 20%
- ROM and RAM usage reductions of up to 40%

For more information on SOMNIUM DRT visit our website at www.somniumtech.com

Free trial versions are available from www.somniumtech.com/software-tools

SOMNIUM are Freescale Proven Partners and produced Kinetis Design Studio for Freescale.
SOMNIUM are Atmel partners also offer a DRT extension for Atmel Studio.
As experts in GNU and Eclipse internals, SOMNIUM maintain GNU tools for several major semiconductor vendors.

Media contact:  pr@somniumtech.com

Phone: +44 333 0113 177