Full Service Musicologistics™

The SongGeeks™ Team assists Artists, Producers, Record Labels & Publishing Companies with Song Catalog SEO, Musicology & Online Logistics.

We work One-on-One with our Clients to Optimize their SongSEO™, Online Strategy & the Overall Presentation of their Music Catalogs to Music Supervisors for Major Motion Pictures & Television Programs; App Developers; Game Developers; Radio Program Directors & Advertising Agencies.

SongGeeks™ is a Full Service company. We handle all of the Analyzation, Multiple Format Digitization, Song Uploads to Song Databases, Digital Archiving, Meta-Data & SongSEO™ i.e. Search Engine Tagging: e.g. similar songs, similar artists, genre info, song tempo, multiple adjectives describing song, etc.
We also Transcribe Song Lyrics & Write Copy that Supports the Potential Song Placement in the Marketplace.

As Zealous Advocates for our Clients, We Are Currently Uploading Multiple Song Catalogs to these Leading, High-Traffic Entertainment Industry Database / Aggregation Sites:

•AirPlay Direct: http://www.airplaydirect.com/
•MusicSupervisor: http://www.musicsupervisor.com/
•SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/
•Tunecore: http://www.tunecore.com/

The SongGeeks™ Client Roster is Growing Daily. We Are Always Interested in Fostering Quality Relationships with Other Online Delivery Systems that will Optimize the Exposure of Our Clients Music Catalogs.

In Addition to our Song-Upload & SongSEO™ Services, we offer Analog>Digital Transfer & Archiving Services. As well as World Class Studio Mastering by our Award Winning Audio Engineers.

At SongGeeks™, we take pride in the Detailed Quality of our Work, our Expediency & the Fostering of Mutually Beneficial Strategic Relationships within the New Music Business.

For a Private Consultation, contact us today:
SongGeeks@gmail.com or 615.924.1356