Dalian Fortune Hill is one of the leading ceramic weld backing suppliers, website: wankekm.en.alibaba.com.

We mainly export our ceramic weld backing to USA, Japan, Canada, England, Denmark, Holland, etc.

The certificates have been acquired: LR of UK, GL of DE, ABS of USA, and NK of JP.    


1. a ceramic backing material for welding
2. get perfect penetration without material for welding
3. get perfect penetration without cracks or hairline opening
4. saves welding cost approx. 40% & time approx 50%
5. suitable for ship building, marine facilities, plants and other steel structures
6. widely used for one side welding technique such as CO2 semi-automatic welding and automatic welding.


1. Ceramic backing is a fine ceramic product composed of adequately mixed natural inorganic substances (kaolin, talc, alumina, magnesia etc.) that are heat-treated at high temperatures of 1,350~1,400 degree of centigrade span.

2. Since ceramic backing is heat-treated at high temperature, its shock resistance to rapid heating and cooling is excellent (coefficient of thermal expansion is 1.85 - 2.5 x 10-6 at 1,000 degree of centigrade) and maintains superb stability against the high temperature created good beads on the back side.

3. Ceramic backing has excellent characteristics of ceramic such as anti-acid, anti chemicals, anti-corrosion and also caused no change or reaction of steel at the time of welding.


1. No back side grinding required.
2. Saves cost / Saves time.
3. X ray quality back beads.
4. No scope for rejections, failure to macro/ micro examination & radiography. Eliminates defects and  reworks, improves quality.
5. Deposit more weld metal for full penetration. Minimize rework & reweld.
6. Useful for different types of weld joints, i.e. single & double V butt joints, dished ends / shell to manhole /  hand hole, tube plate to shell etc
7. No oxidation, No pollution, No hydrogen inclusion.
8. Ensures enhanced safety, Comfort & Best work environmental condition to the Welder & Fitter.

1. 36 meters per carton box;
2. 1400 meters fill onw CBM.
3. 20' FCL can load 40000 meters in total.