Parker Palmer wrote in A Hidden Wholeness, "... circles of trust ... are a rare form of community - one that supports rather than supplants the individual quest for integrity - that is rooted in two basic beliefs. First, we all have an inner teacher whose guidance is more reliable than anything we can get from a doctrine, ideology, collective belief system, institution, or leader. Second, we all need other people to invite, amplify, and help us discern the inner teacher's voice."  

Soul Sanctuary LLC is a not-for-profit interfaith spiritual center that is dedicated to providing a safe, loving community to explore the intimations of the soul through prayer, community, and study groups.  We know that we are each on an individual journey with the Divine to remember the wisdom and wholeness within.  We look to the world's religions for inspiration and guidance to deepen our own spiritual connection, and we acknowledge each persons inner wisdom as truly valid.  We also recognize and honor the human experience knowing that we are on the journey to integrate our spirituality with our humanity and our everyday lives.  Our community comes together to embrace our diversity of spiritual experience, give love and acceptance to each other, honor the struggles and challenges, and to pray with each other in supportive ways.  

Please join us.  All are welcome!
We are located at:
3450 E. Russell Rd., Suite 112
Las Vegas, Nevada  89120
We are at the northeast corner of Pecos and Russell behind the Sinclair gas station.  Once inside, take the hallway on the left.