Las Vegas-based independent house label, Soulsupplement Records was founded in 2006 by Bruno Browning and Curtis Bledsoe. Their goal was to create a Las Vegas sound. In May 2006, Soulsupplement released their first 12" titled Lessons, and quickly followed it up in 2007 with their second 12" release, Light. Although 2007 would sadly mark the last of Soulsupplement’s vinyl releases, the change in format has provided for a more consistent release schedule as well as the release of bonus mixes that might not have made it onto a vinyl release due to space limitations.

Early on, Soulsupplement production relied mostly on hardware and was very reluctant in embracing the use of a lot of software in their music process. Their opinions eventually changed as a result of experimenting with hundreds of different software/hardware combinations and studio setups. After countless different studio configurations, the Soulsupplement team found that they could create their best sounds by combining their favorite analog gear with today’s premiere production software. Blending these two different systems has helped Soulsupplement Records to create their own unique sound.