SoundsLive is well-known by North East musicians for its famous retail outlet in Newcastle's Dean Street, but it's also one of the UK's leading online retailers of musical equipment through Soundsliveshop.com, the online division that's now over 10 years old. Soundslive, is one of the UK's leading providers of guitars, basses, digital recording equipment and keyboards.
Anyone that customers' contact at Soundsliveshop will be passionate about music and musicians gear, whether the customer is a drummer, keyboard player, guitarist, bassist or knob-twiddler. Unlike many other musical instrument retailers, even the staff who sit behind the online operations are trained on gear, especially newer digital items that might need some explanation. In addition, we're well-known for the quality of our general customer service - Soundsliveshop wants to be known for looking after musicians, not just low prices.
Of course, a musical instrument retailer can't stay at the top for years without the support and confidence of the best manufacturers. Fortunately, many top brands see Soundsliveshop as an important partner. These include innovators and famous names like Allen & Heath, BC Rich, EMG, Fender, Mackie, Rode, AKG, Roland, Jackson, SE Electronics, etc.