Sourceplicity offers co-sourcing services for IT companies, providing professional, flexible software development resources at an attractive price.

Start up companies can participate in the innovative Sourceplicity Software Development Plan, allowing those companies to develop their software programs at cost price.

Our employees are qualified and experienced developers who have all obtained their master’s degree from the Technology University in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Main services:

   * Low cost software development;
   * Co-sourcing Software Development Services;
   * Java/J2EE, PHP, XML,.Net, Mobile technologies.

Competitive Advantages:

   * Software for start up companies at cost price;
   * Co-sourcing services instead of outsourcing;
   * Combination of western and eastern EU culture.

Sourceplicity is a division of Uniplicity Holding b.v. Through the acquisition of a small Lithuanian development company, Uniplicity has grown into a multinational with offices in The Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany Spain and Sweden and a partner network France.