Until recently, acquiring aerial photos and video in the Southern Oregon was a very expensive ordeal. One had to hire a pilot and and rent an airplane to fly them over the target area, and even then the airplane had limits on how low and slow it could fly.  Airplanes had to keep their distance from the mountainous terrain that encompasses the Rogue Valley and surrounding areas.

Today, through the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (commonly known as drones), there are few shots that cannot be captured. Here is what makes Southern Oregon Drone your best choice for aerial drone photography:

+ Our drone uses an internal GPS to hold location and altitude - think of this as an autopilot. This means that we can focus on capturing the shot instead of battling wind. This also means when taking still photos we can retain a specific location.

+ A 3-axis gimbal system keeps our drone's camera level. Your videos will come out smooth and level every time! The camera's variable lens settings allow for 170-degree wide angle or a "regular" narrow angle.

+ Don't need footage from above? We can still help. Because of how advanced our drone's control system is, we can fly within 1-3 feet of the ground and other objects safely. This means we can capture liquid smooth footage that would appear bumpy and turbulent if filmed from a hand-held camera.

+ The batteries our drone uses last up to 25 minutes. Though we carry additional batteries, this relatively long flight time allows our drone to complete long missions without interruption.

+ Our pilot understands how easy it is for a drone video to cause motion sickness. Pivots, pans, and turns will be slow and smooth, because we believe sick bags belong in airplanes, not in front of your computer or TV.

+ On a calm day, our drone can reach up to 31mph. Height limits vary depending on location, but the FAA currently prohibits drone flight that exceeds 400 feet above the ground.

+ Video and photo can be in raw form, or we can edit and finalize the material for you. We'll deliver your media via any medium you'd like, including DVD, flash drive, YouTube, or hard drive.

Southern Oregon Drone can film or photograph just about anything you need. Some examples include hotels and resorts, golf courses, wineries and vineyards, mobile home parks and campsites, car dealerships, water sports, apartment complexes, sporting events, concerts, and even infrastructure inspections.

If your project requires footage from the ground (or under water!) as well, Southern Oregon Drone has professional DSLR and GoPro equipment available.

We can work with practically any budget, so please reach out to us by calling 541.326.1745 or send us an email. If we can't help you, we will refer you to someone who can!