Southern Paw Kitchen's mission is to provide delicious treats for dogs in the way we provide home-style, freshly made food with no preservatives, and natural ingredients which are modeled after traditional southern cooking.  We are passionate about this because we love dogs and consider them part of our family!

In 2014, we adopted two young, energetic terriers after the passing of our old, sweet Chuggie.  We avoid feeding them table scraps as rewards, but there had to be better options than the biscuits with unpronounceable ingredients in many store-bought dog treats. After researching recipes online, I found many of the biscuits were simple to make with ingredients I already had in my kitchen. I began making the published recipes and then started adding a little "southern flair" to my biscuits.  My dogs loved them!  I made a few extra batches and gave them to my friends and their dogs loved them as well.  The idea was born.  Let's provide "home cooked comfort food" biscuits to other dog families who appreciate the southern way of life!  In addition to our dog treats, we may add a few other interesting, natural ingredient products to our line up.

Southern Paw Kitchen is located right in the heart of middle Tennessee.  You'll see us mainly online through this store and in local events and fairs.  Our company consists of Leslie Mayo (head chef), George Mayo (marketing), Mark Mayo (event planner and merchandising), and Tickle and Speck (taste testers).