SouthPromo.com, established in 2005, is a nationally recognized company that has everything you need to start, develop, and apply the finishing touches to ensure your project accomplishes its marketing, advertising, and public relations goals.  Our mission is to utilize our top of the line marketing, advertising, and PR team to create and execute innovative and diversified non-traditional marketing campaigns, while earning and maintaining long-term brand loyalty.  We are a multi-dimensional marketing, advertising, and public relations firm servicing major and independent record labels, artists, fashion brands, movies, video games, corporate organizations, and consumer products for a range of industries inclusion beauty, beverage, food, health, and toys requiring high visibility I their respective marketing demographic.  Our industry leading marketing company is staffed with bright, creative, goal-oriented people who are committed to excellence, client satisfaction, and clear results.  Working projects regionally, nationally, and internationally, our smaller size allows clients personal attention and access to all levels of the company.