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Homework Help
How to have an "active listening" on the parent needs and be able to respond favorably to his request?

Teachers and school support team of WinAkademy share their experience and expertise with the new arrivals to make each course a successful mission.

Before responding to a request for tutoring, a telephone contact is usually started. The telephone service is much more than an act of management. It can give a first impression of monitoring and listening to our customers.

Put ourself in the place of the parent is guarantee our customers a quality relationship,  through different channels for communication, such as telephone or social media. Each contact counts.

It is important to show the client-parent that we are aware of his request - the courses of tutoring at home.
The parent wishes his application to be considered quickly. The objective is to satisfy all requests, if possible. This is often achieved. If no immediate solution is proposed, the manager will call the client or the client is asked to recall if he/she is not reachable.

Knowing the expectations of parents is not innate. This is acquired over time and through appropriate training: technical - but also behavioral.

Vigilance, accuracy and relevance

The parent needs to know how the application will be processed and in what conditions and time limits.