At Sovereign Mining, we support and deliver end-to-end solutions for Bitcoin core & lightning nodes, channels and Mining Operations.  Our team has over 100 years of oil and gas, technology, start up and power systems expertise which is capable of building out the bitcoin network, from server and network administration to automation and robotics.    

By capturing and utilizing 100% flare gas on sovereign land, we have the ability to provide reliable electricity at hyper-competitive rates to secure the profitability and efficiency of Bitcoin Mining operations and growth.    

Additionally, our procurement connections enable us to secure access to ASIC equipment and infrastructure facilitating the buildout of the Bitcoin Ecosystem.    

Our efforts are always focused around building a sustainable, efficient, and powerful network of Bitcoin core & Lightning Network. While building our Mining operations that allows us to contribute to the growth and stability of the Bitcoin Ecosystem.

For more information about Sovereign Mining, visit www.sovereignmining.io