Soy Spacasso, a limited liability corporation based in Des Moines, Iowa, is the home of natural soy based skin care products and aromatic candle fragrances.  The Soy Spacasso brand debuted in 2005 introducing a scrumptious fragrance collection of botanical spa-quality UNISEX skincare system
SOY SPACASSO products are formulated from the antioxidant rich soybean.  Soy skincare provides amino acids, nutrient lecithin, vitamins A, E, and F and isoflavones, which have estrogen-like properties that diminishes dryness, smooth skin texture, improves radiance and firming.  The anti-aging, collagen renewing formulas aid in maintaining skin elasticity. Our skincare line consists of complimenting Shea oil, mica, essential oils and other natural ingredients that allow your skin to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and delicious smelling.  SOY SPACASSO formulas are void of harmful skin substances like mineral and lanolin oils that clog pores and stifle the skins ability to breathe properly for optimum health.  Presence of the compound called Genistein is in soy, which helps in lowering the creation of keratin. Keratin is a protein present in the skin and related to the problems such as Dermatitis, Eczema, and Psoriasis (a skin disorder marked by red scaly smears).

Several of our customers, purchase our skincare to help relieve the associated discomforts of problem skin conditions such as itching, redness and dryness as soy has natural healing properties.