Two of humanity's dreams have been made possible by our two inventions.

The human dream of finding intelligent life beyond Earth is one dream. Being able to view past images of life and scenery is another.

Today we can hear and see past events only because they were electronically recorded so we can replay them at will. What if nobody was available to make the recording at the time of the event, such as when dinosaurs roamed the Earth or of alien life on other worlds? How can we view such events?

Making this possible has been the objective of Space2Space. The result is a technology which captures and records footage of past events and another which recovers extra detail captured in existing images and videos.

Space2Space founder, Tayo Akiwumi is a British engineer with a deep passion for all things 'Space'. But it was his other passion for dinosaurs and past times of Earth which drove him to seek a way to visualize them. He developed a personal mantra 'When you see things differently, you think differently, and then you discover' which has been the bedrock of his inventing journey.

He has been working on the technologies since 2007 on the side while working full time jobs located in different countries. This proved to be a bonus as he has been able to test and verify the technologies in a wide range of locations.

The applications are immense, especially for the first technology. Consumer, business and government sectors are all expected to find latent and emerging needs for the technology.

Space2Space will be seeking funding to further develop its technologies in order to deliver the dreams.