The Scientific Preparatory Academy for Cosmic Explorers (SPACE) is a new space exploration institution founded in January 2012 on the Isle of Man that inextricably combines a rigorous educational program with actual, hands-on space system development and exploration expeditions. The fundamental thesis is that exploration is education, and that scholarly instruction and research are merely two aspects of discovery. The ultimate goal of the SPACE is to help build a space-faring society.

The present space education is one marked by specialized high school programs or postgraduate institutions such as the International Space University (ISU). There currently exists no multidisciplinary space educational university for the undergraduate. There are aerospace engineering programs around the world but many of them are not related to space or are heavily specialized in one area. To have a multidisciplinary space education which includes topics such as astronomy, astrophysics, computer science, astrophysics, space law, space commerce, Russian, Chinese, etc. in a 4-year educational curriculum is a gap that will be fulfilled by the establishment of the SPACE.

SPACE is a nonprofit academic and research corporation created by young people from many countries, relying on grass-roots support as well as on aid from existing organizations. It offers both an education and, to those so inclined, a life-long career. SPACE will offer a rigorous program of studies and research that emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed by those who will explore the cosmos. For example:

- Instead of just basic biology, the subject matter includes space medicine and astrobiology.

- Mathematics classes are directed towards engineering, astronomy, and celestial mechanics.

- Lessons include conversational English, Russian, and Chinese; learning about the cultures of other space-faring nations; and discovering what it is in their culture that makes them reach for the stars.