Spaced Out Magazine was founded in October 2011, by owner Rueben J. Wood, better known by his stage name Yung Bank, & Iviana Potts;  only to be put on hold for almost a year. In June of 2012 a test issue was released by Spaced Out Magazine to the public to critique, which made possible the comments you read below:

• Hopefully  the variety of publications are ready, because Spaced Out Magazine is making its entrance with a storm! Spaced Out Mag, or S.O.M is a new media outlet that has presented their very 1st issue June of this year, following with a well put together website.You can MOST definitely say that this media outlet is the NEXT Rolling Stone! Going on to their website, you can find many news stories published, artists who are on the rise and also signed/major artists. Not to mention the vast amount of videos on the website that make it pop out.

• S.O.M is refreshing because it’s not a gossip website or publication that sends out articles about malicious and inaccurate assumptions about people in the entertainment world. All true factual things are given and insights and interviews from the celebs themselves are posted, but at the same time it is still a fun and lively publishing.They also talk about businesses, and historical background enlightening and sparking the attention of readers.