Spaces Home & Beyond is often associated with unbeatable quality, ahead-of-its-times trends, and bold directions. However, the word that best describes all that Spaces is about, is Home.

Home after all is not just a structure made of brick and mortar. Your home is a space to enjoy on your own and with others; a space to entertain, to share, to relax, to re-charge or to simply retreat in. Spaces understands these intrinsic requirements and offers you a complete experience. A part of the Welspun Group, one of India's largest and fastest growing conglomerates, Spaces is a globetrotting brand. Since its inception in 2004, Spaces has come to be known as the bed & bath brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries of style and fashion. Through its innovative designs across a wide range of products, Spaces offers home décor solutions that help its customers stay ahead of the curve and set trends for others to follow.

In the short span of less than a decade, Spaces has grown to become one of the largest brands in the Home Textile industry not just in India, but the world over as well.

The aim of the brand is to come up with products and designs that inspire and influence the everyday living by being an integral part of it. The desire to always reinvent the design wheel leads to a new collection being unveiled every season. Spaces products are a unique representation of the customers' sensibilities, sensitivities, and aspirations. Spaces offers trendy designs through well-crafted and coordinated home furnishing products with innovations for the evolved customer.